An Exciting Year Ahead

Woman with BabyThere are some very exciting things happening at Handle With Care International! New partnerships, expanded projects and programmes and a new logo in the works!
Our Aid Trip team returned from our April Research Trip having fulfilled all of their monitoring and evaluation duties, but also having laid the groundwork for the establishment of new projects in partnership with local community groups. We will post details as each new project is ‘launched’, but we are particularly excited about planned projects targeting livelihoods for persons with disabilities and a programme targeting illiteracy in children and women. Our Emergency Medical Fund is investing in the future of a wider range of critical medical cases.

We are working to expand our medical programme, bringing mobile medical clinics to more remote areas – some with extremely challenging accessibility, as our research team discovered!

We have Aid Trips planned for November 2016 and for the school holidays in April 2017 and, as always, our financial members are invited to ‘care, commit and come’ on these trips. Far from poverty tourism, participants are trained in skills necessary for the running of our organisation and fulfil a vital role in our aid delivery. Tasks and trip itineraries can be adapted to suit individuals and families with varying ages and skillsets. Of course, Handle With Care International continues to be run entirely by volunteers with all donations going to our poverty alleviation programmes – so come with us and see how your money is being spent!

Over the next few months you will see some changes in the way our communications look and feel. HWCI is continuing to grow and the Board is taking the opportunity (before we get too big!) to review our processes. We are reimagining our logo, streamlining our strategic planning, and boosting our organisational sustainability, and changes in our website will soon reflect that. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page for regular updates and become a free or financial member if you aren’t already.

It’s going to be a big year! We look forward to continuing to make a difference, with your help!

By Sarah Cottrill

Sarah Cottrill

Secretary of Handle With Care International