Much of the old village of Bungamati lies in ruins. (Image Credit: BNMT)

HWCI Partners With BNMT To Provide Much Needed Earthquake Aid

Britain-Nepal Medical TrustHandle With Care International are proud to announce a partnership with The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust, to deliver vital services to those affected in Nepal after the earthquake that hit Kathmandu on April 25th, 2015. BNMT’s history and experience in Nepal makes them an ideal partner, providing aid advice and local expertise, which are invaluable for providing sustainable solutions to those affected by the devastating earthquake.Read More

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Nepalese Earthquake Appeal

On the 25th of April, 2015, an earthquake measuring M7.9 occurred in Nepal, with over 4000* people killed and an unknown number injured or missing.

The gender-friendly toilet block provides sanitation and security (Image Source: BNMT)

Your donation will help us build gender-friendly toilet blocks providing sanitation and security
(Image Credit: BNMT)

Handle With Care International has created a specific appeal running to specifically help raise money to be provisioned for care efforts in the region utilising our partner on the ground in Nepal, The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust.Read More

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How you can help the humanitarian effort doing almost nothing

Let’s be honest. It’s often hard to find time these days to do anything extra, outside of work and family. While many people would like to help others, other commitments always seem to get in the way. If this is you, but you’d still like to do your bit to help others, it can be done… and with minimal effort. Read More

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Google’s Generosity Helping HWCI

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Google is helping HWCI achieve its goals

We are very thankful to Google for its generosity in awarding Handle With Care International with a monthly grant of USD$10,000 in-kind for advertising within Google Adwords.

This amazing regular donation is part of the Google Grants program and empowers Handle With Care International to promote our missions and initiatives on Google search result pages free of charge.Read More