Medical Aid

A man has his blood pressure taken

A man receives free medical attention at one of our monthly clinics

Handle With Care International provides medical aid to those who are unable to visit a doctor and get medical services on their own due to poverty or physical location. Support is provided to communities in both urban (visited monthly), and remote (visited bi-monthly) locations. Our doctors, nurses and pharmacists provide them with a free check-up and free medication. The average cost of this service is approximately $3.50 per person/per month.

Pharmacists distribute free medicine to the impoverished

Pharmacists distribute free medicine to the impoverished

As part of our medical aid, we also provide some communities with iodized salt – a simple solution to assist an iodine deficiency that can be caused by cyanide found within the Cassava root (a main staple in the diet of many Indonesian communities). We have also commenced first aid lessons, simplified and in the local language, to be provided annually to remote farmers. Farmers in these remote communities can become ill and die from simple, treatable injuries due to lack of understanding about infection causes and management, or too-limited knowledge of how to prevent blood loss in the event of a serious cut. Hygiene lessons and the provision of soap also form an essential part of our medical aid programme.

If you would like to donate to assist us with medical aid, you can do this by either a single donation, or by becoming a Sponsored Member.

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