Sustainable Livelihoods

Handle With Care International recognises the value of facilitating the acquisition of sustainable livelihoods and our programs invariably seek to integrate livelihoods approaches from the project planning stage regardless of the specific project focus.

As a result, as well as providing direct medical assistance through our mobile medical clinics, our medical teams are involved in the provision of first aid training, as well as projects centred on the growth of medicinal herbs and general wellness courses. Our education programs provide opportunities for persons with vision impairment and other disabilities to train in skills appropriate to their situation with an aim of eventual integration into the workforce, and a separate program promotes young mothers with skills and business training.

Recent partnerships are moving towards offering scholarships for students from disadvantaged communities to study in local growth industries, such as textiles and tourism, and literacy programs improve both the education and employability of communities previously restricted in their employment opportunities.

Small scale grants and resources are made available to provide resourceful individuals with a boost to exisiting assets, and our emergency medical fund protects the exisiting assets of vulnerable people who would be otherwise forced to sell land to purchase medical care.

These are just some of the ways in which HWCI works to support and promote sustainable livelihoods in the communities in which we work.