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Handle With Care International offers the following member types:

FREE MEMBER – $0/year (AUD): 
A free member allows us to contact you about upcoming events and progress from time to time. It’s similar to a mailing list subscription, and you are free to upgrade to another membership level or discontinue your membership at any time.

FINANCIAL MEMBER – $12.50/year (AUD):
This is the standard membership type. It helps us to pay for Administration of HWCI. It also allows you to vote at HWCI special general meetings, as well as the AGM and run for a Board Member position. If you plan on joining us on an Aid Trip, you must be, at minimum, a financial member. This membership level also gives you discounts for HWCI events.

SPONSORED MEMBER $180/year | $45/quarter (AUD): 
This membership level includes the $12.50 Financial Membership and all of its benefits including a greater discount for HWCI events. The main inclusion with this membership, is that the funds also provides medical aid to 3 people per month and helps reduce HWCI’s ongoing medical expenditures – freeing up valuable funds to help communities in other ways.

VIP MEMBER – $500/year (AUD):
 This membership level includes all the benefits of the the Sponsored Membership, but also provides the member with 2 free tickets (transferrable) to each formal HWCI event, upon request while the membership is valid.

If you would like to become a member of Handle With Care International, you can do so by emailing and you will be sent details on how you can join.