The winners from HWCI's trivia night fund-raiser for Anwaf

Trivia Night for Anwaf – Huge Success

The winners from HWCI's trivia night fund-raiser for Anwaf

The winners from HWCI’s trivia night fund-raiser for Anwaf

The recent Trivia Fundraiser for Anwaf held at the Melbourne Bowling Club was a great success! We raised just over $3000, and are thrilled with this amount! This money will go towards funding the post-operative care Anwaf needs in Indonesia. This will make a huge positive impact for his family, and it’s thanks to you!Read More

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Handle With Care International with 7 Year old Anwaf

The Little Boy With The Brain Tumour

7 Year-Old Anwaf

7 Year-Old Anwaf required brain surgery to remove a tumour

Note: This article was written by our medical partners RSM Bali and translated from Indonesian to English by Simon Cottrill

Aaron and Halimah have suffered more than many parents. For over 9 years, Halimah cared for her sick parent with diabetes, who eventually passed away, but the cost of treatment over a long period of time left a large debt. In order to pay the debt, Halimah became a migrant worker in 2008 in Saudi Arabia. Aaron, (her husband) also went to Saudi Arabia in 2011. In 2012, Aaron and Halimah returned to Indonesia to prepare Anwaf for elementary school.Read More