A petri dish displays colonies of E.coli

Would you like a warm glass of E.coli?

A petri dish displays colonies of E.coli

A 1ml sample of creek water taken from an impoverished community in Denpasar displayed a serious presence of E.coli.

As part of Handle With Care International’s commitment to sustainable health solutions for impoverished communities, in August 2011, we took water samples from one particular community to discover how contaminated (if at all) the water was that they were using in their cooking, cleaning and every day life. While we were expecting to see some contaminants – what we found shocked us.Read More

Team member holding a Lifestraw

Working for A World Without Need

Sarah holding a Lifestraw

A team member holds one of the Lifestraw filters that can provide a family of 5 with clean water for up to 3 years

The most annoying thing about traveling on a HWCI Aid Trip to Indonesia was the reaction of friends and colleagues when I told them where I was going: “œOh, you’€™re going to Bali?”€ people would enthuse “Enjoy your nice holiday!” Despite my protestations that I was going there to work, many people found the idea that I was travelling to Bali to do anything other than laze on a beach and drink Bintang completely unbelievable. Read More