Team member holding a Lifestraw

Working for A World Without Need

Sarah holding a Lifestraw

A team member holds one of the Lifestraw filters that can provide a family of 5 with clean water for up to 3 years

The most annoying thing about traveling on a HWCI Aid Trip to Indonesia was the reaction of friends and colleagues when I told them where I was going: “œOh, you’€™re going to Bali?”€ people would enthuse “Enjoy your nice holiday!” Despite my protestations that I was going there to work, many people found the idea that I was travelling to Bali to do anything other than laze on a beach and drink Bintang completely unbelievable. Read More

Image of water in a creek

Water – The Every Day Killer

Image of water in a creek

Dirty water flows through an urban slum

Water is essential for human life, yet 1.2 billion people (one-fifth of the world) don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water1. Some 6,000 people die each day from water related diseases2. It is a crisis that is experienced by the poor and is holding back human development around the world.Read More